An h2 compressor is a mechanical device that is capable of compressing hydrogen gas by reducing its volume. These devices are made using materials that are capable of resisting the effects of hydrogen gas during operation. H2 compressors are used in a wide variety of applications, such as industrial sites, research and development facilities, fueling stations and backup power systems. To prevent contamination of the gas by the hydraulic oil, h2 compressors are made of oil-free non-lubricated pistons and cylinders. In addition, these machines feature full stroke length distance pieces that isolate the gas cylinders from the hydraulic drive. Here are some of the most commonly asked about hydrogen compressors.

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What are the major classifications of h2 compressors?

High-pressure hydrogen compressors are classified into three broad categories: single stage compressors, multi-stage gas compressors and the hybrid gas compressors. Single-stage compressors are used when high inlet pressures are available. They help to move significant amounts of gas through small units. Multi-stage gas compressors used when low inlet pressures are available. These machines are capable of boosting gas pressures from as low as 70 psi to as high as 15000 psi. Hybrid gas compressors combine the features of both the single stage and multi-stage gas compressors.

What are some of the major components a hydrogen compressor?

Cylinders, pistons, pressure switches and motor starters are some of the key components of a hydrogen compressor. Every hydraulic compressor consists of a hydraulic intensifier that acts as the heart of the system. A hydraulic intensifier regulates the discharge and inlet pressures by controlling the hydraulic drive. A hydraulic intensifier is made of a hydraulic cylinder coupled with two gas cylinders on each side.

What are some fueling strategies for gas compressors?

Most industrial sized compressors are ideal for a variety of fueling strategies including direct fills (where the compressor fills the tank directly) and cascade fills (where the compressor fills individual cylinders before they are equalized sequentially with the vehicle).

These are just some of the frequently asked questions about high-pressure gas compressors. To get quality hydrogen compressors at a reasonable, consider choosing a well-established manufacturer or supplier. For additional details about hydrogen compressors, please visit pdcmachines.

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